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Top Marine Technology & Biology Programs

If you take a look at marine technology and biology in the U.S. you will find that it still isn’t very well developed. There are a lot of schools in the U.S. that offer some program that is closely related to marine biology like a minor or concentration in marine biology but there are not very many colleges that actually offer a marine biology major. Here is a look at some of the better schools that offer a marine biology major.

California State University, Long Beach

There program is designed for anyone who wants to pursue a masters degree in marine biology or ecology or go on to work for a government agency or private company once they are finished. Here students will have the opportunity to study many organisms but in the field and in the lab. They have four boats that they used for both research and teaching. They are located close to Catalina Island and just recently renovated a Marine Lab. Students will have to take a variety courses such as chemistry, physics, and calculus but will also have to opportunity to choose from electives such as marine microorganisms, marine mammalogy, aquatic toxicology, fisheries conservation, marine community ecology, giant kelp ecology, and fish physiology and endocrinology and many more.

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida: Marine Biology & Engineering

At the Florida Institute of Technology they focus on integrating oceanography, ocean engineering, environmental science, marine science, meteorology and related academic concentrations in order to come up with knowledge based solutions for the problems of the world today. Here students will have numerous oppertunities to use their skills in 150 mile long Indian River Lagoon that is filled with mud and sand flats, 5 different kinds of sea grass beds, and other marshy areas. Here they are equipped with a 60‘ vessel for research, a state of the arch marine center, a beach marine laboratory and much more. Here students will get first hand experience in field within their first semestre. I.

University of Hawaii, Manoa: Marine Biology

At the University of Hawaii there is a lot of hands on experience offered as the University tries to integrale field experience with your typical classroom and lab settings. This program is still fairly new as it was launched for the first time in the fall of 2003. Students will learn about a variety of marine species and how they interact with each other in tropical and sub-tropical environments. Students will also have the opportunity to work with a large range of organisms that include seabirds, marine mammals, sharks, fishes, invertebrates, algae, and micro-organisms.

Massachuets Maritime Academy: Marine Engineering

This major aims to prepare students to be a licensed engineering officers in the United States Merchant marines and other engineering positions in associated shoreside industrines. While students are here they will take course in nternal and external combustion engines, electricity and electronics, auxiliaries and main propulsion machinery, and the organization and operation of merchant vessel engineering plants. Students will have the opportunity to work on ships while in port and ships at sea and they will also do a lot of stuff in the laboratory. By the time students graduate they will have passed examinations by the United States Coast Guard as Third Assistant Engineers, Steam and Motor, Unlimited Horsepower.

Texas A&M University at Galveston

Another very good university that a person should consider checking is Texas A&M. They offer degrees in marine biology, marine fisheries, marine sciences, marine engineering technology and a few more. In marine biology and marine sciences students will be focusing more on the science side of things as they study chemistry, physics, oceanography, geology, and much more. Students in these programs can choose when it comes time for their senior year whether they wish to gain a broader background in ocean studies or specialize more in environmental science. Those who major in marine fisheries will focus on biology with an emphasis on management and can expect to study ecology, taxonomy, zoogeography, culture, and general biology. Graduates are prepared to work as fisheries managers or research biologists for the state or federal government. In marine engineering students will focus on science and engineering and the goal will be to have them ready be a licensed engineer when they graduate.


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Baltic Robot Sumo Cup 2009

We are proud to announce at Klaipeda Science and Technology Park that we will be hosting our third Baltic Romo Sumo Cup on Ocotber 10, 2009. This event will take place at Klaipedos Mokslo ir Technologiju Parkas, H.Manto g. 84, Klaipeda, Lithuania. If you need directons then go this website http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=55.725696,21.126752&spn=0.003686,0.011362&t=h&z=17&msid=115941212281223286802.00046f088b605e4e090ba and you will find a map giving you directons on how get here. If there are any questions on the rules of this event then you can check out all the rules here at this website: http://www.balticrobotsumo.org/default.asp?itemID=6&itemTitle=Competition. This event is free to all participants and any spectators who wish be a part of this incredible oppertunity. Don‘t your miss chance see intense fights between robots in four different categories:

Standard Sumo (3kg). Level: advanced to expert. Extremely agressive and strong robots.

Mini Sumo (0.5kg). Level: beginner to intermediate. Most popular class of robots.

Roomba Sumo. Level: all. Easy to use robotic platform.

Freestyle. Level: all. Any other kind of robots are welcome.

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Ways for Lithuanian Company to start a business in the U.S.

If there is a company or person in Lithuania who wants to start a business in the USA or enter the USA market then there are several things that they must focus on. It would be smart to focus on anything to do with cars, whether this involves making cars or just selling the parts for them. Also it would be smart to focus on producing some sort of machinery such as electrical, office, power generating, or simply general machinery. At the moment that is something that the U.S. is definitely in need of because all of those are in their top imports. Another thing that a person might want to focus on if they’re thinking about entering the U.S. market is the clothing industry. If you ever been to U.S. and done any shopping for clothes then you may have noticed that there are hardly any clothes that you buy are actually made in the U.S. Most of the clothes people buy are made in China or Taiwan or some country like that in Asia. If the Lithuania could tap into the U.S. clothing then it would be a great advantage too them. Once a company is established then it would probably not be overwhelmingly to difficult to remain profitable because people always have to buy clothes to wear and for the most part there will always be little kids growing up who continue to out grow their clothes. Some other industries that people may also consider going into in order to enter the U.S. are making DVDS, tin supplier, and aircraft equipment.
There are also several other things that company must do if they want to successfully enter the U.S. market. It is very important that a company uses direct marketing to in order to try and enter the market. Even though this method may be more expensive at first it will pay dividends later and this also shows the company that you are working with that you care enough to invest extra time in them beyond what other companies have invested. Another important thing to remember when trying to enter the U.S. market is to keep the sales letters and brochures short. No one wants to waste there time reading something that is really long and wordy. A good general rule is to make sure and try and keep the sales letters and brochures under 2 pages. If a company has good website that is easy to navigate, catches the eye, and doesn’t have a lot of pop-up ads or anything along those lines then it will make it easier for them to enter the market in the U.S. Lastly you want to make sure to have an effective marketing strategy through email. You do not want to simply send random people emails about your company but instead let people give you there email voluntarily and then send them newsletters and other information.


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