2009 m. lapkričio 26 d., ketvirtadienis

What I learned from my practicum

As my time comes to end here at Klaipeda Science and Technology Park there are many things that I have learned. I have learned how to effectively use blogging to better market a company. I have also learned a lot about how to create and edit videos for a company and post them on the internet. This internship has taught me that YouTube can be used for a lot more then just watching videos. It’s taught me that in order for a company to be effective with YouTube that they must have numerous videos posted and not just one. While working here it’s been enjoyable to just get to know some of the other people that work here a little bit. Also after being here in Lithuania for a couple of months now I’ve learned that everything here that is cooked always comes with potatoes and pork. Overall this has been a very good opportunity for me and I am grateful to be able to have done a practicum at Klaipeda Science and Technology Park.

By Brock Griffin

2009 m. lapkričio 24 d., antradienis

Social Media

Using the social media can often be to a company’s advantage. It is a very cheap and easy way to reach a lot of people. When a company decides to use the social media they must plan on using it do some networking because the social media is one the best ways for a company to meet new people. The social can also be very helpful for small companies that are just getting started and still do not have a ton of money to spend on advertising. Companies must realize though that when they use the social the media as a means of advertising or public relations it is simply not the same as using a face to face marketing technique because it is not nearly as personal. Also when companies use the social media to advertise they need to remember that they may be leaving out a significant sector of the market that does not even use the internet such as the elderly.
As I have had the opportunity to work with the social media here at Klaipeda Science and Technology Park I have found that it has been a very good way for them to promote their company. The social media is rather easy for a company to get using. Also it is fitting that they use the social media here at Klaipeda Science and Technology Park because they are rather small company that does not have a ton of money to spend on advertising right now. It is also a very easy to make Klaipeda Science and Technology Park a little bit more well known by doing things such as blogging, creating YouTube videos about there company, networking and other things as well. Overall I would say that the social media is a very good thing for companies to use and I would recommend that Klaipeda Science and Technology Park continue to use it.

By Brock Griffin

2009 m. lapkričio 19 d., ketvirtadienis

United States Innovation vs. Lithuanian Innovation

If a person wanted a start there own business then they would realize that it is much easier to do in the United States then many other places around the world. There are many reasons why it is easy for people to start their own business in the U.S. One of the main the reasons that U.S. has succeeded in becoming such a big market for innovations is because they are so culturally diverse. The more diversity that a country has the easier it is for innovation to occur because then people are naturally open and willing to accept new ideas as you have people from a number of different countries. There is no bigger melting pot in the world then America so that naturally makes America a better spot for innovation then some other countries. Also in America kids are encouraged to ask questions in school and think outside of the box and that simply helps and encourages people to come up with new ideas. The last reason that it is so easy to start a business in America is because is focused on being a very capitalistic market. In order for a capital market to function properly people must be constantly coming up with new innovations.
In other countries such as Lithuania it is not nearly easy to start your own business and people just are not as innovative. One of the main reasons for this is because of the culture in Lithuania. If anyone has ever been to Lithuania then they will find out that there is not a whole lot of ethnic diversity there. As a result people may not be as open to new ideas that are taken from other cultures because it’s not their culture or they are not ready to break tradition yet. Also in the education system in Lithuania children are generally to taught to sit in class and listen to there teacher and not to ask a whole lot of questions. So in Lithuania they don’t encourage people to be innovative as much as some countries. Another thing that makes it harder for people in Lithuania to start there own business is the fact that they have not had a capital market for very long. For the most part a countries ability to be innovative is determined by it’s culture. A countries culture is not something that can simply be changed overnight. There are some countries that have cultures that encourage innovation more and others that do not encourage innovation as much.
Overall I would conclude that it is much easier to start a business in the U.S. then in Lithuania simply because the culture allows for it. In the U.S. there is such a diversity of people and that makes it very easy for people to accept new and innovative. If a person plans on starting a small business I would recommend that they try to do in the U.S. because it’s easier to do there then in many other countries.

By Brock Griffin